Sunday, 7 July 2013

First post

About this blog

I've wanted to start my own blog for a long time after having followed so many myself. I love reading posts of other bloggers on numerous subjects such as fashion, beauty, skincare and food. I start my day reading blogs and I end my day with it as well. To be able to reach so many people (or maybe even a handful), sounds very rewarding to me.

I have put starting a blog off for a long time now. One of the reasons was that I wanted to commit to one subject (that I couldn't pick!) and one language (that I also couldn't pick!). Being Dutch myself, blogging in Dutch would be quite easy. For now I want at least the majority of my blog posts to be in English. Most products that I buy and test and clothes are available in multiple countries. Some products might not be, but in order to reach more people, blogging in English is kind of necessary.

On this blog I want to focus on multiple things such as make up, beauty, skincare, food and other lifestyle subjects. Please do not expect me to be some major fashionista or a beauty blogger with a huge beauty stash. I am also not the best chef you will ever encounter, but I do enjoy cooking and I do it every day.

I am not completely sure yet how I want the balance between these different subjects to be. It is something I will have to figure out along the way. Feedback is always welcome and if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me at: closetandpantry [at] gmail [dot] com.

A little bit more about me

I'm Sarah, 22 years old and living in the Netherlands (alternating it with Sydney, Australia). I am currently finishing up my master's degree which basically is a social science degree directed towards the arts and culture sector. Other than that, I really enjoy travelling and the subjects I write about on my blog.